All about israels model agencies and modeling industry

First thing first…  my name is Guy, I’m an Israeli photographer and in the past i worked 10 years as a model agent at a number of big agencies in Israel.

I decided to write this article because every now and then I’m approached by models who live outside of Israel and want to start working as models in Israel but can’t really find any articles in English recommending agencies or explaining about the market here.

Until now models who searched for agencies in Israel encountered only the websites of the agencies themselves and obviously approaching an agency that you don’t know and trying to understand through that who is better is impossible because everyone will indicate on himself that he is the best one, and I encounter to many times boys and girls who signed with agencies that almost everyone who knows a thing or two about modeling agencies over here will highly recommend to stay away from, and that’s always a shame to see such cases.

So, before I talk about particular agencies I want to talk a little bit about the Israeli market and clients.
Every market in the world is different in he’s taste in he’s size in he’s demands in he’s clients etc.
The biggest downsize of the Israeli market is he’s size. Israel is a country of only 7 million people, for comparison there are more New-Yorkers then Israelis…..
That doesn’t necessarily means models here don’t have enough work, what it does mean is that the Israeli market is very competitive and therefore mediocre models will certainly not work over here.
There is a tendency for models to think that because it’s a small country then their look and attributes that are considered mediocre in their homeland will be considered amazing in Israel, and that’s far from the truth. If you are struggling to find representation and work in your country you will definitely struggle to work as a model here.

In terms of attributes that means that exactly like almost everywhere else in the world a model must be tall (preferably above 174 cm) and must be lean and chiseled.

The Israeli market is considered a very commercial market. Models who will have an advantage here are ones who have a sexy look and sexy body, who have a good smile and teeth and who have a very outgoing personality and also models who are not teenagers or at least don’t look like ones.
On the other hand models who’s look is different and a bit bizarre will probably not work very good in Israel.

Also good to know that like every other market there are 2 peak periods (before the summer and before the winter) when all the big Israeli clients shoot their catalogues, and two bottom periods right after the peak periods, so for those who can plan their arrival and really rely on modeling as a job it’s best to be advised by your chosen model agency when it is best to come.

And one more thing to know, all of the good israeli agencies are located in Tel Aviv.
If you encounter a modeling agency located somewhere else it is for sure! a small agency and very very not recommended.
Model agency in Tel aviv means being close to all the clients the photographers and rest of the industry.

That’s about all the important things to know about the industry so now the only thing left to know, and probably the most important thing, is about the particular Israeli agencies.

In comparison to the size of the market there are a looooot of agencies here. I recon about 40, however only 5 of them are really considered to be the leader agencies, so that already makes it much easier for you to choose one.
There is MC2 (mc squared, in the past it was called Karin-models), Yuli Models, ADD (in the past called Look model) , Elite models and Roberto agency.
The order I wrote them down is the order from best agency to less good, and I’ll try to explain why without getting into too much unnecessary details…

Staring with MC2 model management, that is the only real international agency in Israel. There are few more agencies with names of international agencies but don’t let the name fool you, they are not recognized branches.
MC2 has offices in N.Y, Miami and Tel Aviv. When you enter their website ( you can also see all 3 branches in there.
MC2 is the only agency in Israel that specializes in importing and exporting models from and to Israel and their circle of clients is by far the biggest. the models they represent are very high class models by any standard and as you probably guessed it is also the agency most difficult to get into.

Second in line is Yuli models.
Not much to say except that they are a very professional and respected agency.
Yuli represent a lot of Israeli famous Model-Talents and they are very successful in the TV type jobs. In fact if you are not only a model but also an actor or actress I recommend to go straight to them.

Third in line is ADD.
In the past called Look model agency, they are the first Israeli agency. in 2012 the owners split and opened ADD that at the moment represent a lot of Israeli celebs and even started producing themselves TV shows etc.
They are also very professional and respected in Israel and the reason i rate them 3rd is that ever since closing Look and opening ADD they put most efforts in productions, content, celebrities, TV etc.

Next is Elite Models.
Not much to say here. They grew in the last couple of years and played their cards right and became one of the more familiar agencies in Israel. I guess that they wouldn’t survive and grew that way if they wouldn’t have work good with their models, but I can definitely say that they don’t work as good as the agencies I mentioned above.

Last but not least is Roberto agency.
They are one of the first Israeli agencies and they actually became the most known agency is Israel.
Roberto agency had her ups and downs and as of now the opinions are split about how good they are.
In my opinion their biggest problem is their size and criterions. They don’t set the bar as high as other big agencies, therefore they represent too many girls, and that’s never a good thing. having that said it’s hard to argue on facts and the fact is that Roberto agency raised a lot of famous Israeli models, and I can definitely say that when a good model works with them they will know what to do with her.

That was my review, I hope I helped you and answered a lot of questions.
If you have any other question or you need help or someone to answer your questions, I’m always happy to help and you can E-mail me directly to

I wish you the best of luck !